At AntioxG, our mission is to help people to live long, happy, and healthy life.

AntioxG produces a high quality grape seed dry extract with a high percentage of antioxidants such as flavonoids, which are used in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries.

Our method has a lower cost than competing methods on the market and at the same time produces a higher volume of end product, because our cold extraction method does not destroy flavonoids.

Our competitors use a hot extraction method, which destroys most of the flavonoids and adds additional cost to their products.

Our method also allows production of not just a single product, but three products, which are in great demand in the pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetology and agricultural industries.

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As more than 20% of wine production is waste, the latter constitutes a serious environmental problem that has to be solved urgently.


In recent years diseases like cancer, cardio-vascular insufficiency, and many other health issues occur under stress and environmental pollution.


The use of growth hormones and antibiotics in animal feed pose a potential risk to human health and environment.


Obtaining the high performance product AntioxG enables total elimination of wine industry waste and creates a system for its utilization.


AntioxG helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, immune system, cells and tissues, eyes, weight, and other vital systems of the human body.


Remnants of AntioxG production go into animal feed and allow for the replacement of antibiotics and hormones in feeding cattle.